Tehran part co.

Mr. Hassan Salmani has established Tehran Part Company with the name of Tehran Chevrolet in 1353. The company was working on produc-ing, purchasing, rebuilding and im-porting of spare parts of American automobiles. With an entrepreneuri-al view, Mr. Salmani has started his work individually and has done nec-essary changes to increase the number of personnel and to improve their activities .He believes that only . having a large trading institution or a lot of personnel does not lead to success in trading activi-ties .Being successful needs having enough flexibility and adapt-ability according to changes in economical and trading situa-tions. So, in spite of working many years on spare parts of American automobiles ,when the business was not prosper as before, the company focused on working on spare parts of au-tomobiles produced in has in 1381, Mr.Omid Salmani as a man-ager has changed the name of company into Tehran Part Com-pany and has started a new phase of activities .Tehran part Com-pany has been successful in registering several inventions , producing more than forty parts ,making innovation in design-ing parts and representing special services to customers .These activities have made a well-known name for the cus-tomers and in the spare part market as well .Being faithful to its initial ideals ,the company has tried to employ efficient and hardworking people with new ideas. In present, the company is working on purchasing, producing, distributing and importing good quality parts with more than forty personnel in an area of about 2400 meters